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Dr. Johnny Delashaw and Swedish Hospital - Medical Malpractice

The Law Offices of James S. Rogers currently represents client TM following two brain surgeries Dr. Johnny Delashaw of Swedish Hospital performed on her. READ MORE

JSR Law Represents Four Individuals Injured by E-Cigarettes

The Law Offices of James S. Rogers represents four individuals injured when e-cigarettes caught fire or exploded. Read the latest in The Seattle Times. READ MORE

Ikea's Deadly Dressers

Ikea has reached a tentative settlement to pay $50 million to three American families, according to the Seattle Times. READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Refuses to Warn Women About The Increased Risk for Ovarian Cancer

Testimony in a recent trial established that a possible link between talcum powder use for feminine hygiene and an increased risk of ovarian cancer is something that Johnson & Johnson has... READ MORE