Sex Abuse

The emotional and psychological damage caused by childhood sexual and physical abuse can result in a lifetime of pain and suffering. In many cases the abuser is a trusted adult and respected member of the community. The attorneys at the Law Offices of James S. Rogers treat each case individually, with compassion and attention to detail and have the expertise, resources, and track record to stand up to the toughest opponents. We are dedicated to helping our clients confront their predators and to holding private entities accountable for their failure to protect. In addition to seeking a just and fair recovery on behalf of vulnerable clients who have been abused, neglected, or exploited, we view the civil legal process as playing an important role in affecting positive changes that may prevent future abuse.  

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Faith-based institutions are meant to be shelters against the perils of the world. When the trust between clergy and the children in their care is shattered by abuse, the institutions too often turn a blind eye to victims, leaving them damaged and helpless. The attorneys at the Law Offices of James S. Rogers have represented victims of clergy sexual abuse for nearly two decades with a proven record of securing justice for clients.  

Children thrive best in an environment built on trust and safety, and the adults charged with facilitating learning and supplying guidance have a shared responsibility to sustain it. Seeking justice for children who were sexually abused doesn’t just mean bringing an individual perpetrator to trial, it also requires holding the school and district accountable for failing to protect its students.  School employees have a responsibility to report potentially volatile or dangerous information to the proper authorities. When a preventable situation results in personal harm, the school and its employees may be liable. With a long track record of winning verdicts and settlements, the attorneys at the Law Offices of James S. Rogers will stand up to any institution and fight to secure a just recovery for our clients.  

The United States Supreme Court has made clear that, under Title IX, students may seek monetary damages from schools that have been deliberately indifferent to risk of sexual assault or harassment by teachers, staff, or fellow students.  Additionally, if a school or university fails to properly investigate and/or respond to a victim’s report of sexual assault, a Title IX claim may arise. It is essential that a school or university’s investigation be examined by attorneys with expertise in prosecuting sexual assault cases.  The attorneys at the Law Offices of James S. Rogers have this expertise and are dedicated to advocating for the rights of sexual assault victims. 

Extracurricular groups can be essential social and support networks for youth, teaching important skills and providing structure. Unfortunately, these trusted institutions can also camouflage predators and provide opportunity for the sexual abuse of vulnerable children. The attorneys at the Law Offices of James S. Rogers have a deep commitment to holding youth groups accountable and have shown tireless dedication and an unmatched record of success in their pursuit of justice on the behalf of sexual abuse victims.  

 It is the responsibility of the government entities assigning foster care and social services to provide vulnerable children a safe place to live. They have a duty to protect those children that they take into their care.  It is essential that they ensure that foster parents are qualified and capable of providing the care that children need.  When sexual and physical abuse occurs as a result of their failures, malfeasance, or negligence, these agencies must be held accountable. With unrivaled knowledge and understanding of the systems and procedures involved, the attorneys at the Law Offices of James S. Rogers have sought and won damages in multiple foster care abuse cases.

As a parent, putting a child in someone else’s care is the ultimate act of trust. As a child, leaving the safety of your family for days or weeks at a time is truly an act of courage. Those who take advantage of this vulnerability and abuse the children in their care must be held accountable, and so must the agencies that employ and enable them. The attorneys at the Law Offices of James S. Rogers have the experience and passion to pursue justice for those abused at youth camps and approach each case with tireless dedication. 

Medical practitioners provide essential services and the importance of their role can’t be overstated. We rely on them to keep us healthy and trust them with our very lives. When the Hippocratic Oath is broken and abuse occurs, it’s often against a person who is compromised and vulnerable. The attorneys at the Law Offices of James S. Rogers are the voice for those who have none and the legal team for the vulnerable who need it most. 

"Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong"

-   Theodore Roosevelt,

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