The Law Offices of James S. Rogers Files Suit Against 3M and Arizant on Behalf of Patient Injured by Bair Hugger Device During Knee Surgery

The Law Offices of James S. Rogers recently filed suit against 3M and Arizant on behalf of a patient that was permanently injured by the use of the Bair Hugger device during a knee replacement surgery.

During the course of the patient’s surgery the Bair Hugger device, a forced-air warming unit that is intended to keep patients warm during surgery, was used. The Bair Hugger introduced contaminates into the patient’s open surgical wound and he developed an infection. As a result, the patient was required to have additional surgical procedures to remove and replace part of his knee replacement, as well as clean the infected area.

After additional surgeries to address the infection caused by the Bair Hugger, the patient’s mobility was impaired and he must take antibiotics for the rest of his life. This result is common for patients who have undergone an orthopedic surgical procedure where the Bair Hugger was used. The resulting infection could result in additional surgeries, lifelong antibiotics, and in some cases, amputation.

Bair Huggers are used in the majority of orthopedic surgeries nationwide and 3M, who manufactures the device, has misrepresented the dangers of its use. Doctors and hospitals should be made aware of the dangers of the device, and use a safe alternative device during surgery.

If you or someone you know developed an infection after an orthopedic surgery, contact our offices and share your experience. Our team brings a proven track record of success in medical device liability cases. Each person’s case is unique as to those circumstances, and we are available to provide advice and counseling.

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