Johnson & Johnson Refuses to Warn Women About The Increased Risk for Ovarian Cancer

Testimony in a recent trial established that a possible link between talcum powder use for feminine hygiene and an increased risk of ovarian cancer is something that Johnson & Johnson has known for decades, yet it has intentionally refused to warn consumers about the risk.  A large number of internal company documents produced at trial show that the company knew about the risk, yet decided against warning women.

Dr. Daniel W. Cramer, head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Epidemiology Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, has been warning Johnson & Johnson of the link between Baby Powder and ovarian cancer for years.  His request for the company to add a warning label to its talcum powder products has been ignored for years.  The Cancer Prevention Coalition has asked the CEO of Johnson & Johnson to pull talc products from the market or at the very least to warn women who use the products of the risk of ovarian cancer in 1990s.

For more information about talcum powder and its link to ovarian cancer, contact attorney James Rogers at 621-8525

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