Ovarian Cancer & Talcum Powder

Ovarian cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer. It’s commonly referred to as “The Silent Killer”. This is largely due to the fact that symptoms are often vague and diagnosis is missed until the cancer has progressed to an advanced stage and/or spread into other area of the body such as the abdomen and pelvic region.

Early detection is key. An estimated 20,000 women are diagnosed each year with ovarian cancer, and more than 14,000 die. Ovarian cancer symptoms may include bloating, abdominal pain, changes in bladder and bowel movements and overall fatigue. It is not unusual for it to take multiple visits to a doctor and several opinions before ovarian cancer is correctly diagnosed.

Talc products, such as Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder, used routinely in the genital area could increase the risk of ovarian cancer. The latest study linking Baby Powder to ovarian cancer was published in 2013 in the medical journal Cancer Prevention Research. Scientists found that women who had used baby powder like Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder or feminine hygiene were 20 to 30 percent more likely to develop ovarian cancer than women who had never used the talcum powder for such use.

Yet, despite studies linking ovarian cancer with genital area talc use as early as 1982, Johnson & Johnson’s own internal documents that show they were aware of the risk talc presented, and wrongful death lawsuits finding them liable for ovarian cancer deaths, Johnson & Johnson still refuses to place warnings on packages of its talcum powder products, such as Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and Shower to Shower. Instead, consumers are still being led to believe that these products are gentle and safe, even for babies.

For more information about talcum powder and its link to ovarian cancer, see the attached articles from The New York Times, Lawsuits Over Baby Powder Raise Questions About Cancer Risk and ReutersGenital talc boosts ovarian cancer risk in study.

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