$14.2 Million Settlement in Seattle Bicycle Accident

The Law Offices of James S. Rogers has obtained a $14.2 Million Settlement.

The accident occurred on March 13, 2015. The Plaintiff, an experienced bicycle rider, was riding her bicycle at 6:43 pm in the northbound lane on 50th Avenue South near South Ferdinand Street in Seattle, Washington. She was wearing her helmet.

The tire of her bicycle locked up suddenly when the headlight became entangled in the spokes between the V-stays. This pulled the fender down against the wheel, stopped the rotation, and caused the plaintiff to fall over the front of the handlebars.

The plaintiff landed on the ground and struck her head on the pavement. This caused her to sustain severe spinal cord injuries. These injuries rendered her quadriplegic.

Co-counsel: Daniel Rottier and Eric Ryberg; Habush Habush & Rottier

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