$14,200,000 Settlement Bicycle Accident
  • Bicycle Accidents

Plaintiff was riding her bicycle and wearing a helmet, when the front tire of her bicycle suddenly locked up when the headlight became entangled in the spokes. Plaintiff went over the front of the handlebars, becoming a quadriplegic.

  • $14,200,000 Settlement Bicycle Accident

    Plaintiff was riding her bicycle and wearing a helmet, when the front tire of her bicycle suddenly locked up when the headlight became entangled in the spokes. Plaintiff went over the front of the handlebars, becoming a quadriplegic. Co-counsel Daniel Rottier and Eric Ryberg, Habush Habush & Rottier.

  • $11,000,000 Settlement Construction Site Accident

    Five workers were severely injured in an electrocution incident involving a gas pipeline near Snohomish County, Washington. Our firm was local counsel for lawyers from Houston, Texas, including Larry Boyd of Houston.

  • $6,550,000 Settlement Construction Site Accident

    Two construction workers were injured on a demolition site following the Nisqually earthquake.

  • $3,537,500 Settlement Automotive Product Liability

    A 24-year-old man, his wife, and daughter. The man’s 1989 pickup truck was struck by another vehicle whose driver had run a stop sign. As a result of a defective after-market lift kit, high wheels and tire design, his vehicle spun and rolled when struck, resulting in his ejection from the truck that left him in a vegetative state. Co-counsel: Larry Barokas.

  • $3,516,401.58 Settlement Automotive Collision

    A 79-year-old man and his 56-year-old daughter were slowing to make a left turn. The defendant failed to slow and rear-ended them, pushing their car into the opposite lane where they were struck again. The father died shortly after arriving at the hospital and the daughter sustained serious injuries. Co-counsel: Panish Shea & Boyle.

  • $3,000,000 Settlement Bicycle-Truck Crash

    A 24-year-old woman who was on her bicycle in a crosswalk when she was struck and run over by a truck. The plaintiff suffered debilitating injuries to her lower extremities and major physical disfigurement. Co-counsel: James Hennessey.

  • $18,130,554 Verdict Highway Design
    Co-counsel with Mike Wampold and Felix Luna.
  • $2,500,000 Settlement Foster Home Negligence

    Two siblings, ages 5 and 3, who were sexually molested by their foster parent after the Washington State Department of Child Protective Services removed them from their biological mother’s care.

  • $2,285,000 Settlement Automotive Collision

    Three plaintiffs, ages 31, 40, and 45 years old, who suffered extensive burns, fractures, and physical disfigurement when a semi-tractor trailer rig caused a multi-car collision that included the plaintiffs’ vehicle.

  • $2,100,000 Settlement Sexual Abuse

    Plaintiff was sexually abused by his coach during unsupervised, overnight sporting competitions.

  • $2,000,000 Settlement Medical Negligence

    The estate of a 34-year-old man whose heart condition was misdiagnosed. As a result of the misdiagnosed heart condition, the decedent died from a ruptured thoracic aortic aneurysm.

  • $1,800,000 Multi-Defendant Settlement Automotive Product Liability

    The estate of a 37-year-old man who died from suffocation due to the collapse of the roof in his 1998 SUV, after his vehicle struck a guardrail and rolled over multiple times. Co-counsel: Mikal Watts.

  • $1,777,000 Settlement Clergy Sexual Abuse

    A man was sexually molested as a minor by a Catholic priest.

  • $1,595,000 Settlement Clergy Sexual Abuse

    Four plaintiffs who had been sexually molested by a priest as minors.

  • $1,500,000 Settlement Medical Negligence

    A 76-year-old man and his family; the man’s spinal cord injuries were misdiagnosed twice after he was in an automobile accident. Co-counsel: David Hoffman.

  • $1,500,000 Settlement Product Liability

    A 40-year-old woman who suffered burns while attempting to start a fire with Eco-Char, an organic fire starter. Co-counsel: Dwayne Richards and Reed Schifferman.

  • $1,410,000 Settlement Clergy Abuse

    Four plaintiffs who were sexually molested by a priest as minors.

  • $1,300,000 Settlement Foodborne Illness

    For the estate of a 3-year-old boy who died after he developed E. Coli poisoning from drinking unpasteurized apple juice. Co-counsel: Ralph Brindley.

  • $1,250,000 Settlement Premises Liability

    A 9-year-old girl was kicked in the head by a horse, while on a horse farm when she was negligently supervised by an employee. As a result of the kick, the girl has a severe brain injury. Co-counsel: Larry Barokas.

  • $1,112,500 Settlement Clergy Abuse

    Three plaintiffs who had been sexually abused by a priest as minors. The plaintiffs were 58, 59, and 60 years old at the time of the settlement.

  • $1,000,000 Settlement Drug Product Liability

    A 40-year-old man who underwent multiple eye surgeries, including three corneal transplants, after using a Multi-Purpose Solution for contact lenses.

  • $1,000,000 Settlement Helmet Design

    The estate of an 11-year-old girl who was wearing an equestrian helmet that slipped back on her head and failed to protect her when she struck her head on a tree while riding a horse. The girl suffered a traumatic brain injury and later died.

  • $950,000 Settlement Automotive Collision

    A 20-year-old woman who was driving when she was struck by a large truck and trailer.  The plaintiff was pinned and crushed in her vehicle. The plaintiff’s injuries included leg fractures, chest injuries, and facial lacerations.

  • $800,000 Settlement Clergy Abuse

    A plaintiff who was sexually molested by a priest as a minor.

  • $750,000 Settlement Government Liability

    A 22-year-old woman who received pelvic, liver, and lung injuries when her car was rear-ended and forced into oncoming traffic by a driver in a stolen vehicle. The driver in the stolen vehicle was being pursued by a police officer in a high-speed chase at the time of the collision.

  • $750,000 Settlement Premises Liability

    A 47-year-old woman. The woman was waiting in line for coffee at an airport restaurant when a heavy sheet of glass fell on her foot causing fractures and complex regional pain syndrome.

  • $700,000 Settlement Nursing Home Malpractice

    The estate of a 67-year-old woman who died of hypothermia after being locked out of her nursing home overnight.

  • $690,000 Settlement Government Liability

    The estate of a 15-year-old male high school student who killed himself with a gunshot to the head. A psychologist who worked for the school district failed to take reasonable preventative measures to stop the student after he was informed that the student was suicidal.

  • $650,000 Settlement Automotive Collision

    The estate of a passenger, who was fatally injured when her vehicle was struck by a truck, causing the decedent’s vehicle to move into oncoming traffic.

  • $650,000 Settlement Automotive Collision

    The estate of a 62-year-old woman who died when she was struck from behind by a vehicle while walking her dog.

  • $650,000 Settlement Foodborne Illness

    A 5-year-old girl and her family, after the girl developed E. Coli poisoning from drinking unpasteurized apple juice. The girl sustained permanent kidney damage from the poisoning.

  • $625,000 Settlement Medical Negligence

    The parents of an 8-day-old infant who died when doctors failed to properly deliver the infant through a cesarean section. 

  • $600,000 Settlement Automotive Collisions

    A 21-year-old man who was struck by a van while riding his motorcycle. The plaintiff suffered an arm amputation.

  • $600,000 Settlement Clergy Abuse

    The estate of a 43-year-old man who committed suicide as a result of a childhood sexual abuse by a priest.

  • Settlement Automotive Product Liability

    On August 12, 2016, Plaintiffs’ decedent was driving westbound on SR 12 near Byrnes Road in Walla Walla County. At the same time, a 1997 Cadillac Seville was being driven in the opposite direction on the same portion of road. The Cadillac swerved into the opposite lane and struck Plaintiff’s decedent head-on. The airbag in Plaintiffs’ decedent’s automobile failed to deploy due to a defective clockspring mechanism. Plaintiffs’ decedent passed away due to her injuries. She brought suit against the vehicle manufacturer as well as the driver of the Cadillac and his employers. Co-counsel Daniel Hess, Hess Law Office and Blaine Clooten, Clooten Law.

  • Settlement Automotive Product Liability

    On July 13, 2015, decedent was driving eastbound on State Route 508 in Lewis County while properly wearing his three-point seatbelt and driving within the posted speed limit. He was struck head-on by a drunk driver travelling in the opposite direction causing the vehicle to roll. During the rolling sequence, the roof of the vehicle crushed into decedents head while his safety harness simultaneously failed to prevent excessive excursion. Both of these design and manufacturing deaths led to the death of decedent. Co-counsel Jack Connelly and Micah LeBank Connelly Law Offices.